Ask Sam: Meet the Team

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Hello GlamourGals, returning and new! I hope you all had a wonderful summer filled with relaxation, adventure, and most of all, fun! 

Now Fall is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited here at GG National! But here’s a question for you: Do you know who works at GG National?

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For our first Ask Sam of the new school year, we’re going to take a step back and introduce ourselves to all our volunteers across the country. We at GG National are honored to read your journals on, as well as receive both letters and texts concerning all things GG. Now, it’s our turn to tell you all a little bit about ourselves!

To begin, let’s meet Rachel.

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“I do enjoy digging into discussions about our programming, but as a leader, I definitely rely on delegating projects to the team. My role helps to provide a stable internal organization that can continue to accommodate growth, foster creativity and be agile to the needs of our stakeholders.”

Rachel is someone all GlamourGals should know, as she’s our founder and CEO. She began GlamourGals in 2000 and ever since, she’s been leading her GG team through every step of the way. If you want to reach out to Rachel, follow her Instagram @ggfounder

We thought to learn more about us, it would be fun to play that classic icebreaker game:

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Can you guess the lie?

Next on our GG National Team is Amanda, our Program Manager.

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All leaders should be familiar with Amanda from the training calls she does at the beginning of every school year. From planning our national events to writing the notes we put in every supply request, Amanda has her hands in everything GG. We couldn’t be luckier to have her on the GG Team!

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Can you guess the lie?

The newest addition to our team is Elizabeth.

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“I'm in charge of getting news and announcements out to volunteers and engaging them digitally (a.k.a. producing #relatable content and being available as a resource!). If anyone has any questions about marketing, communications, Public Relations/PR, or journalism, I'm the go-to source in the GG National office.”

Do you follow our Instagram @glamourgals? Do you love the posts? You should! They’re curated by Elizabeth who is always on the lookout for wonderful GG volunteers to share on our social media and website. When you post a journal or share a photo of your makeover, Elizabeth definitely sees it. 

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Can you guess the lie?

And finally… Me! Sam, the GG program assistant. 

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My tasks include the little details that keep GG up and running in tip-top shape. I help organize the office and make sure we’re always good on supplies. I also pack up and ship out all supply requests. A lot of my days involve looking over spreadsheets of information, so I love when it’s time to do another Ask Sam where I can draw and share my creativity with you all! 

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Can you guess the lie?

That’s the GG National Team! Though this doesn’t include all our amazing supporters who donate their time, money, and energy to make sure we can continue spreading the GlamourGals Mission.

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Just as GlamourGals volunteers support the elderly in their local communities, we at GG National aim to support the volunteers who choose to make a difference in the world.  Never hesitant to reach out to us, we’re here to help!

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So what do we love about GlamourGals?

“I love that we can continue to grow and touch the lives of teens and seniors that I have never met.” - Rachel

“I love meeting all our volunteers at our events! Everyone is always so happy and excited. It makes everything we do is worth it.” - Amanda

“I love how dedicated everyone is, from the dedication of the volunteers serving the seniors to the dedication of the staff that makes sure everyone feels supported. GG is dedicated to making the world a better place.” - Elizabeth

“I love that GlamourGals is an organization that is here to support their volunteers every step of the way! As a former high school volunteer, to be welcomed back as an alumna and to become an employee, GlamourGals will be a part of my life forever.” - Sam

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All GlamourGals can earn one service hour by answering this journal prompt.

I look forward to reading your answers! Email me at if you have any questions. I’m here to help!

So here’s to another awesome year of service! 

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GG National