Thiyasha, NY Volunteer

One of the things that we love about GlamourGals is that it's just as beneficial for our volunteers as the seniors they serve. Today, we share a journal written by Thiyasha, a GG Volunteer who honors her own grandparents by visiting seniors in her community. 

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As a child, I had not grown up with a lot of money. My parents, being from a different country, were unable to visit their parents within the 20 years that they lived in America. Recently, within the last years, both my remaining grandparents passed away. This has been very hard on my parents whom constantly wanted to visit them but did not have the money to do so. However, this was even harder on me. Knowing that I would no longer be able to have the opportunity to meet my grandparents left me heartbroken. People who have the opportunity to see their parents or grandparents everyday do not take advantage of that opportunity, and many of the ladies and gents at the senior home are upset after they haven’t seen their children for a long period of time.

When I joined Glamour gals, I wanted to be able to help older people realize that they are special, and that even though their children may not have the time to visit them, that there are people here to care for them. Although my grandparents passed away before I ever had the chance to meet them, spending so much time with these ladies, and sometimes even gents, has allowed me to befriend many people that have become like grandparents to me. You need to appreciate the things that you have now because one day you may not be able to.

GlamourGals has shown me a lot within the past year that I have been a member, and it has given me moments that I will remember forever.

--Thiyasha, NY Volunteer 

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