Rasheeda Ramsingh, Thomas A. Edison High School

This summer, GlamourGals is spotlighting our amazing Glammy Scholarship Award finalists. Today we hear from Rasheeda, president of the Thomas A. Edison High School chapter, about the importance of delegation and teamwork. 

GlamourGals is the most unique but unifying organization I have ever been a part of. Going to the nursing home and seeing the faces of the elderly there absolutely light up when we walk through the doors, makes it the most important organization to be apart of. GlamourGals should be a part of every community. It breaks down the barrier between the young and the elderly with kindness and love. I had never considered the impact you could have with a simple conversation and a manicure. I always loved talking and I loved giving my relatives manicures so GlamourGals couldn't have combined them better. The organization is meant to brighten the days of the elderly but, quietly, it made my days more worthwhile as well. It has also helped me blossom as an individual and form lifelong friendships. GlamourGals has taught me how to mentor, help others, be a good friend, daughter, and granddaughter and to simply spread more love in the world.

Being president of a club for the first time ever was trivial at the start. It took me a while to get used to it but I was never discouraged because I knew in my heart that the outcome would be phenomenal. I learned that team work truly does make the dream work. I spent the first few weeks trying to handle everything from immunization forms and service reports by myself. I didn't want to pressure my fellow officers because I knew that they were struggling with other things like applying to colleges and AP classes. After a while, I realized that they were happy to help and that I should've asked them sooner because it made my duties feel less overwhelming. We all split up the responsibilities so that not one person had to do everything.

My experiences as a GlamourGals volunteer has shaped my aspirations and future career goals by showing me that doing something you love and something you genuinely enjoy doing, is the most important part of a career. I have seen the passion and integrity that people that work for this organization have and it has inspired me to want to do something I feel passionate about. I have also realized that I would like to work with teens when I'm older in a way that engages them with the community like GlamourGals does. I would like to work for a company/organization with a purpose and with a cause that I believe in, not just because of the numbers on a pay stub. One of the most important things to me in deciding what I'd like to do as a career is doing something that helps others and that contributes to society in a positive way.

Through GlamourGals, I have learned the true meaning of sisterhood, leadership and kindness.