"When we surround ourselves with love we will never be alone."

GlamourGals is important to me because it allows me to show residents in my community how much they are cared for by the younger generation. We are able to interact and learn from one another. The area that we live in does not have a lot of job opportunities for young adults, so there is a gap between high school students and people who are retired in nursing homes. This program allows us to bridge that gap and give everyone somebody to care for and from whom they can learn a life story. The community has embraced this program; we have 100 members in our GlamourGals organization. [Our size] gives us the opportunity to reach more residents in our community by adding two additional nursing homes this year.

At the beginning of the year I expressed the importance of getting involved which led to greater recruitment [results]. I also emphasized the personal growth an individual experiences when developing friendships with the residents. The response was much larger than what I expected. We went from 16 members in the 2014-2015 service year to 100 members in 2015-2016. When we expanded, I had two other girls become the point person for the new places. We notify our members to make sure they put [visits] on their calendars, so that we do not disappoint our residents. It would have been easier to just schedule our 100 people over the entire year, but it would have had less impact on the residents, and fewer relationships would have been formed. 

I plan on becoming a kindergarten teacher. GlamourGals has taught me the importance of nurturing relationships and understanding the needs of an individual. I have found that when you have a conversation with someone and get to know them, they grow not only in their understanding but also on a spiritual level. The importance of trust and conversations will allow me to be a better classroom teacher. I have learned to lead and work with large groups of people. My ability to multi-task and coordinate events has also improved during my time with GlamourGals. I think the most important experience for me has been a growth in my love for people and their stories. There is nothing more inspiring than knowing we all face hardships in life, but when we surround ourselves with love we will never be alone.

-Maci, GG volunteer in Indiana &
Chapter President Glammy Scholarship Award finalist