The First Year with GlamourGals

Nicole Mroz, a volunteer with the University of Pittsburgh chapter, shares how she got involved with GlamourGals and how being a GG volunteer impacted her first year at Pitt.

It was during my first week at Pitt when I came upon GlamourGals at the activities fair. It intrigued me because I am a passionate volunteer and public servant, but I became apprehensive when I learned a little more about the work GG does. I worried—I'm not even good at doing nails! But I had no reason to fret because the GG officers assured me that you don't have to be good at doing nails or makeup to be a part of the GG team. Truly, the seniors we interact with generally don't care very much about the manicure itself; they are more excited to just engage with us and sit down and talk.


Being a part of GG as a first-year student was a great blessing. While acclimating to college classes, the dorm, dining hall food, and all of the challenges that come with those things, meeting with other GG volunteers on the weekends to go do nails was something I very much looked forward to. I remember one day we walked into the activities room at our senior hoe, and one particular resident was sitting at the table, arms outstretched on the table in front of her, palms laid flat on the table, waiting patiently for her manicure. I could tell that she very much looked forward to this event each week. It was also clear that she had planned precisely how she wanted her nails done. She was always so pleasant and patient both while awaiting her manicure and during her manicure. I loved that GG was able to give her something to look forward to each week.

I am grateful to be a part of GG and look forward to more memories. I am really looking forward to this upcoming semester with GG! I feel like I really fit in with the other club members and officers, and consider them friends. I also feel that I have gained a lot of confidence interacting with seniors, especially those with dementia and other similar conditions. GG has given me an opportunity to grow as a volunteer and as a student. Thank you, GlamourGals!

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