2018 Glammy Finalist Blog Series: Abigail Bishop, Volunteer

Today's 2018 Glammy Finalist blog is by Abigail Bishop from Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School. Read on to find out what Abigail discovered behind the walls of Bethany Tower and how she decided that she wants to become a teacher!

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How has GlamourGals affected your life decisions?

Bethany Towers was once a place I would drive pass with my parents, but after joining GlamourGals at the very end of my 9th grade year, I learned that the building contains so much more. The wonderful ladies inside are crazy, sassy, and fun. They are wise women whom I admire everyday. Beryl is one example of an amazing lady who tells the most fascinating stories about her life. She told me about her life as a mother, crazy stories about her kids, and how much she misses them. 

Then she said something that really stuck with me, "When you girls come here it really helps, cause not all of us have people that come and visit and this [prevents] us from being caged up in our rooms." I never thought that these amazing people felt trapped in a place they called "home" because their families are busy and can't always stop by. I see my family everyday, and these ladies might see their kids once a month. When the GlamourGals crew come every month, we are really there to share smiles across the tables because these are the moments that every one of us will never forget. These ladies have been so inspiring in my life and my actions for my future, they teach me the mistakes they made, and show me how I can do better. They keep me smiling even after I leave Bethany Towers. These ladies are important people to me because without them, I wouldn't care as much to help others or comprehend what they really want and need. 

These ladies need love even though they are not expecting it to come from high school students.

The ladies helped me decide I wanted to go into teaching and help our future generations. The wisdom and strength these beautiful, kind ladies have given me will provide me life lessons.

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