notes from our senior facilities


Having the GlamourGals at the center gives my seniors a chance to do something they loved doing when there were younger, and that’s getting pampered.  We often forget about the little things, like a manicure.  Plus, it gives our seniors a chance to chat with a younger audience about any and everything. Many thanks to GlamourGals
— Stanley Isaac's Neighborhood Center
The girls are doing very well and their visits are the highlight of their month. They are very warm and sociable. The resident love spending time with them.
— Atria Forest Hills
Our residents look forward to the Glamour Gal’s visit and often ask when are they coming back. This service has created a priceless moment in allowing our seniors to feel good and build up their self-esteem. The moment they meet with the student and bond it is then easy to see the reward of their interactions. Residents after having their nails and hands massaged feel like a million dollars! They enjoy showing it off to their friends, staff and families. We can only have good things to say about the Glamour Gals and are again so happy to have established this wonderful relationship allowing a great bridging of the gap between our seniors and youth that is very much needed.
— Presby's Inspired Life
The residents always look forward to the GlamourGals visit every other Sunday.  It is always such a treat for the ladies to get their nails done.  They also enjoy getting to visit with the young girls.  The GlamourGals come at the perfect time as there is not much going on Sunday afternoon’s and it gives the residents something to look forward to.  Please know how much they are appreciated by our residents and staff.  It is truly a wonderful service that you offer.
— Worthington Christian Village
The girls have been coming for a few years now.  My residents look forward to them coming.  Some of the residents have their favorite girl and can’t wait to see them and talk to them.  When I first started here 10 years ago we had a Memory Care nurse that would come in on her day off to do nails a couple times a month.  Since she left many years ago, I had been doing the nails (not very well mind you, as I am not a professional).  The nails looked ok, but not perfect.  My hands are a little shaky and I don’t even have time to do my own nails, but residents come first.  Since the girls started coming our residents, love it and can’t wait for the next month for them to come again.  It uplifts their spirits and makes them feel very pretty.

Some of my residents are Medicaid, which means they barely have anything left over to spend after paying their rent.  This is a luxury, that they get to have and not pay for.  The smiles on their faces after their nails are done is so heartwarming.

I hope that we can continue to have the girls come and bring a smile and a happy heart to our community.
— Brookdale Farmers Branch