GlamourGals is dedicated to the health and safety of senior citizens and Volunteers.

GlamourGals volunteers never

  • Use sharp tools, like nail clippers or cuticle sticks

  • Apply eye makeup (including the eyebrows)

  • Do residents' hair

  • Perform pedicures

The only supplies used GlamourGals makeover should be the supplies provided by GG National.

GlamourGals visits consist only of:

  • Filing, using disposable nail files

  • Nail polish

  • Hand lotion

  • Facial cleanser applied using disposable cotton rounds, or disposable facial cleansing wipes

  • Facial moisturizer, applied using disposable foundation sponges

  • Foundation applied using disposable sponges

  • Blush, applied using disposable brushes

  • Lipstick, applied using disposable applicators and brushes

GlamourGals volunteers observe the following sanitary rules as specified by our national organization and the senior home we visit: 

  • Hand washing between each service performed and upon entering and leaving the senior home.

  • Disposing of all single-use supplies and applicators immediately.

  • Using gloves when required by hosting facility.

We proactively address sanitary procedures by training all chapter volunteers prior to their first visit and by observing their practices throughout their tenure as volunteers. Our volunteers are free to request supplies at any time via our online portal at no cost to them, which enables them to err on the side of caution and to always have enough supplies to follow our sanitary protocols. Volunteers are encouraged to cancel visits only in the event of illness among the volunteer group.