We believe that volunteers should be honored for their service, and offer GlamourGals volunteers a variety of rewards to show them our appreciation for their time and effort.

  • Glammy Scholarship Awards. GG National offers $1,000 tuition scholarships to all volunteers who are seniors in high school. There are five separate scholarships: one for each leadership position, and one for non-leader volunteers.
  • Intergenerational Service Award. GG National recognizes outstanding volunteers who have achieved 15 service hours and five journals over the course of each service year with our Intergenerational Service Award.
  • Letters of Recommendation. Volunteers who have earned an Intergenerational Service Award are eligible to request letters of recommendation from GG National to support applications for college, jobs, internships, or scholarships.
  • Saint Peter's University Scholarships. Saint Peter's University is collaborating with GlamourGals to offer two merit scholarships to GlamourGals volunteers in recognition of their service and leadership. Volunteers can learn more here.
  • LinkedIn Endorsements. Volunteers who have earned an Intergenerational Service Award can request LinkedIn endorsements from our founder and program staff.
  • Chapter Creativity Fund. . To support the creativity and dedication of our volunteers, GG National has funding set aside for special events and activities chapters want to bring to senior homes.

Qualifying for rewards:

GlamourGals volunteers can log their hours through our online system,, to track their progress towards rewards and incentives.  In addition, offers: 

  • A simple way to track volunteer hours
  • A platform for journaling about GlamourGals experiences. Journals promote writing skills, empathy, and introspection. The GlamourGals national team reads these journals and helps volunteers troubleshoot issues, congratulate successes, and plan special events.
  • Resources for giving makeovers, connecting with seniors, fundraising, and more.
  • Instructions on how to receive awards from our national office in recognition of hard work and service.