Problem Solving with Personality 

Heather video?? Harnessing your personality type as a strength to help solve problems. 

Heather video?? Harnessing your personality type as a strength to help solve problems. 

GlamourGals volunteers are all different. 

Every single person has a unique perspective and personality. Some of us are loud, and some of us are quiet. Some of us are more comfortable with big ideas, and others are more comfortable focusing on the details. Knowing our natural strengths can help us be better leaders, and can help us work better together! 

At times in each of our chapters, we may feel like a lot of things are going wrong. Maybe an officer isn’t fulfilling his/her duties, there is a conflict in the chapter, or the senior center isn’t getting back to you. Maybe you are really pumped to go to a makeover, and you don’t know why your chapter doesn’t have one coming up. How do you handle this? As we talked about in the last workshop, communication is key in any relationship or interaction. In this workshop, we will adapt our communication skills to handle these issues. Consider your personality type as you work in pairs to brainstorm positive solutions to common GG problems. 

Here's what you do:

  1. Split into groups. Your chapter president will assign your group one of the following scenarios:

    1.  issue with advisor;

    2. issue with senior home

    3.  issue with officers

    4. issue with schedule

    5. issue with senior

  2. As a group, brainstorm solutions to the problem. Consider how you would personally handle the problem, and listen to your group members' solutions, as well. How would you work together to solve the problem? How can the personality type of the people around you affect how you work with them? 

  3. Present your solution to the group, and share feedback.

What did you learn?

Write a journal about your experiences learning about the personality types of the students in your chapter. Did you think your quiz results were accurate? What about the other students results? What did you learn about communication styles and personality types that will help you communicate better in the future?