Share the #GGMovement with your Community

As volunteers for GlamourGals, you do important work serving seniors. You should share your experience with your community as well! One way to do this is to invite local press to one of your makeovers or events.

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What is local press?

Do you have a school newspaper? Town newspaper? Local TV station? They all count as local press!

Not sure your town has any local press? Ask your school. They may know an organization who would be interested in reporting on your chapter.

The best way to contact local press is with a press release. A press release is a short summary of what you are doing and why the local press should cover you. It kinda sounds scary, but we have an example and template for you to follow. You can find it here.

Once you have written your press release and have had someone look it over, you can email or mail it to the local press you have found.

If they are interested they will contact you and probably ask you for some more information. Some press will want to come to your event before writing about it, or some will write it just based off the press release and some extra information you provide them.

If you don’t hear back from the news organization, don’t get discouraged! Some news organizations get a lot of press releases and it may get lost in the shuffle, or they weren’t interested at the moment (their loss). But you tried and now have experience writing a press release (which not a lot of people can say)!

Share with GG National if receive any interest from local press! We love to share that with our supporters. You can find examples of local press we have received here.

GlamourGals volunteers around the country have gotten press for their events - and they have some tips for you! Read how they did it here.

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