Ask Sam: Pass the Tote!

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Hello fellow GlamourGals, I hope everyone’s been having a marvelous Spring!

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As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, so everyone will definitely need to stop and smell the roses. I say this especially to all the GlamourGals out there who are graduating seniors. So shout out to you all: Congratulations, you did it!

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So today’s Ask Sam answers an important question that all GG leaders find themselves asking:

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How should chapter leaders keep our GG chapters going after we graduate?

We at GG National have a few tips in ensuring that your chapter is running in tip-top shape so you can focus on graduating and moving onto the next step in your life.

1. Pick new leaders as soon as possible!

It’s a good idea to not wait till graduation to figure out who will be leading the chapter...

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With the knowledge that you’ll be graduating next year, deciding who will be the new chapter leader can be nerve-wracking. You and your team have your work ahead of you to find replacements, whether it is for one position or all of you.

Some chapters choose to hold elections to see who will take on new leadership positions. Some allow the current person holding the position to choose their replacement. Others look to their advisors to help decide. There’s no wrong way to choose a new leader as long as thought and effort goes into it.

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2. Have them shadow you through your role as a chapter leader.

Once new leaders are chosen, they are now your apprentices! Never leave your new leaders in the dark about what their responsibilities are. They should be learning everything you know about leading the chapter in your position, whether your responsibilities include scheduling makeovers, hosting fundraisers, or ordering more supplies from GG National.

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Your apprentice should feel comfortable and confident in their new role. If they’re having any doubts, assure them every step of the way that they can do it!

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3. Update their leader role on GG Chapters.

It’s time to make it official! On, update their role to whatever their new position may be. Every chapter is allowed to have multiple users in the same position: Don’t worry about losing your role on the website while you’re still an acting leader.

Do this before July 1st as the website automatically changes your role to Alumna, which will then log you out of your leadership position. If anyone in your chapter is not graduating but has their role changed to Alumna or you cannot update leadership positions, please alert GG National by emailing and we will find a solution.

4. #PasstheTote

You and the makeover tote have had such great times together but it’s time for you to move on to a new adventure! Please don’t keep the makeover tote as a souvenir for your time as a GlamourGal: It belongs to your chapter! They’re going to need those supplies to continue giving the makeovers your senior facilities enjoy.

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However, if you would like your own tote as a keepsake, order one right on We’ll ship out a new, fresh one that’s ready to make new GG memories!

5. Contact GG National

Whether you’re keeping old leaders or assigning new leaders, if you’re updating leadership positions or having difficulty doing so, please let GG National know every step of the way because we’re here to help!

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Once again, congrats to all graduating seniors! Any graduating leaders, make sure to apply for our Leaderships Scholarships! Graduating seniors not in leadership positions, apply for the Mary Weiford Outstanding Volunteer Award.

All applications are due by April 26th, 11 PM EST.

And remember, to be able to win the leadership scholarships, you need to earn the Intergenerational Service Award which requires some journaling!

To earn the Mary Weiford Outstanding Volunteer Award, all that’s required is a 200-word minimum journal answering this prompt:

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Describe a GlamourGals experience that has impacted a resident's day or life and how that event or experience has affected your own life. 

Answer this prompt and include "Volunteer Award" somewhere in your journal title. Email with your journal link with "Volunteer Award Application" as the subject line so we know you have applied and you could win 1,000 dollars towards your college tuition!

Email me at if you have any questions! I’m here to help!

That’s all for now! Hope to see you all at the Glammys!

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