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Hello fellow GlamourGals, it’s time for another edition of Ask Sam! For this Ask Sam, I think like it’s time to be a bit more suave! It’s time that I go… Professional!

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So today’s Ask Sam is going to focus on everything professional with some wonderful questions from fellow GG volunteers!

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Our first professional question comes from Jamie in NY,

How can you receive a scholarship from GlamourGals?

GlamourGals has college scholarships for every chapter role: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, and Volunteer. Each scholarship is 1,000 dollars towards the college of your choosing!

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Check out the Leadership Scholarship Application for more information. If you’re a volunteer, applying for the Mary Weiford Outstanding Volunteer Award is as simple as writing a journal! Write a minimum 200 words on a GlamourGals experience that has impacted a resident's day or life and how that event or experience has affected your own life and title the journal Volunteer Award.

There are certain requirements every GlamourGal must fulfill in order to qualify for our Leadership scholarships:

1. Be a high school senior.

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2. Be attending college full time or part time in the Fall semester.

3. Earn the Intergenerational Service Award for the current service year by completing 15 service hours and writing 5 journals.

The 15 service hours and 5 journals requirement is only applied to Leadership scholarship applicants, not volunteer.

The Intergenerational Service Award can be earned by all GlamourGals! Right on the front page of the website is your Hot Pink Progress Bar that shows your progress towards earning that award.

The Intergenerational Service Award is recognition from us at GG National for your dedication to serving your community! It can be used on a resume to demonstrate your commitment to the program.

By earning the Intergenerational Service Award, you're also eligible to request a recommendation letter from GG National as well as a LinkedIn recommendation from Rachel Doyle herself, the founder and CEO of GlamourGals! Follow the link for more information on how to request a recommendation!

All awards are given out at the Glammy Scholarship Awards ceremony.

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The final requirement is that winners and finalists who live within a 2-hour driving distance from NYC must register to attend the Glammys. All volunteers who attend are honored and celebrated for their dedication to the GG Mission. Thoug

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For more information about how to apply for our scholarships, visit the Rewards page on the website. Everyone has a chance to win!

GlamourGals Scholarship Applications close on April 26th at 11pm EST.

We at GG National are happy to review any application essays before you submit it through the official application portal. If you have any questions or need help proofreading, please email

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Our next professional question comes from Sarina in NY,

What is the best way to write about GlamourGals for a college application?

This was covered in a previous Ask Sam about College Essays. College essays are the best way to let your true self shine to the college recruiter who is determined to find the best of the best for their educational institution.

Remember: Your college applications and interviews are an audition! Put your best foot forward!

Focus on how GlamourGals inspired you to accomplish certain goals, such as being a kinder person, helping your community thrive, or discovering your future career path.

I personally felt inspired by my time as a GG volunteer to pursue a degree in Psychology. You could be inspired by the first account stories told by the seniors you meet and want to study History. In 2018, we discovered that over 50 percent of our scholarship applicants go on to study STEM fields in college. Every GlamourGal has their own story to share and as long as you’re speaking from your heart, your essay will be one of a kind.

Our last question comes from Anonymous in NY:

How do you write about GlamourGals on a resume?

On a resume, GlamourGals can be listed in a couple of different ways: From being listed under Volunteer Experience or Extracurriculars to having its own bullet-pointed section. If you’re lacking job experience, GlamourGals can be a great way to show potential employers what you can do.

Being a GlamourGal enhances the skill most employers look for in an employee: Communication! A GlamourGals volunteer can become skilled in both verbal and nonverbal communication when working with seniors with an array of diverse personalities and needs. This also comes from working with your fellow GlamourGals, other students, and authority figures.

Chapter leaders gain further knowledge on skills involving management, organization, planning, and of course, leadership. Leaders also learn problem solving when it comes to typical situations that happen sometimes during makeovers like having too many or too few seniors or volunteers. Chapter leaders learn how to work under pressure for the sake of their chapter and the seniors in their communities.

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Things like making sure you always have the makeover tote or calling the senior facility to double check your Makeover schedule may seem inconsequential and just another part of being a GlamourGal, but these actions are preparing you for the future, no matter what career path you choose.

And the most important thing about being professional is… Knowing when to take a break!

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Good luck to all my GlamourGals out there, preparing for the future! Always know when to step back and smell the roses.

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All GlamourGals can earn a service hour by answering this journal prompt:

What can GG do to better help you prepare for your future?

I look forward to your answers! Email if you have any questions, I'm here to help!

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