Ask Sam: The Glammys

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Hello, my fellow GlamourGals! Sam here with some marvelous news:

The Glammy Scholarship Awards are almost here!

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Get ready to walk the hot pink carpet!

For all my new GlamourGals out there, you might be asking yourself:

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The Glammys are GG National’s way of honoring you GG volunteers for your outstanding service throughout the year. So far for this service year alone, GlamourGals Chapters all over the country have hosted over 490 makeovers and gave over 5,000 manicures! And these numbers are only counting the ones reported back to us at GG National.

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They also can’t account for how many hearts have been touched by a GG visit. Nor the number of stories told and shared, the number of talented performances given, and the arts and crafts projects created for and with the seniors in your communities. GlamourGals all over the country have gone above and beyond to exemplified the GG Mission.

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So the Glammys is your time to shine, GlamourGals! Let’s celebrate your effort to end senior isolation and build confidence in yourself and your leadership capabilities.

The Glammys are Saturday, May 18th, from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM in NYC.

We will be having guest speakers and fellow GlamourGals speaking at the event, including the winners of the Glammy Scholarships! So all rising seniors, don’t forget to apply for scholarships next year: You could be our next Glammy Scholarship winners!

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All GlamourGals who have earned their Intergenerational Service Award can receive their certificate in person at the Glammys. Remember that this award enables you to request recommendation letters from GG National and can be used on a resume!

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At the Glammys, we’re going to have a lot, and I mean a LOT, of stuff to give away.

We’re hosting a full-on jewelry bar for you all to take the jewelry you can carry!

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And that’s not all: We’ll be having goodie bags filled with a gift from Vera Bradley and more. So be ready to leave with arms full of GG gifts especially for you!

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There will also be GG Goods on sale, like our t-shirts and hoodies. If you are in need of a new shirt, here’s your chance!

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We’ll also have our other GG merchandise like our pop sockets, graduation cords, and our new hair ties without the shipping fee! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on some GG swag.   

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And of course, we will have treats from bagels to cake pops for a nice mid-afternoon snack!

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So come to the Glammys, calling all GlamourGals! It’s right here in NYC!

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The Glammys will be going live all day on Instagram! Follow us at @_glamourgals

And don’t worry GlamourGals, all volunteers have till June 30th to earn their Intergenerational Service Award so make sure to keep track of your hours and journals to get that certificate!

At the end of the day, all GlamourGals who’ve been to 1 or 100 makeovers should be proud of themselves for contributing to another wonderful year of GlamourGals. See you all next year for our 20th anniversary!

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That’s all for now!

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All GlamourGals can earn a service hour by answering this journal prompt.

I look forward to reading your answers! Email me at if you have any questions. I’m here to help! See you all at the Glammys!

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For everyone who made it through to the very end, here’s my thank you to you personally: Use promo code May19 for half-price tickets!

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