Being a Role Model

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You don’t have to be a celebrity, professional athlete, or successful CEO to be a role model for someone. Simply demonstrating positive behavior and small success can be enough to inspire others. As a GG volunteer, you can be a role model for other volunteers or your peers.

Here are 5 tips to help make sure you are the best role model you can be!

1.  Show Passion and Inspire Others

Role models show passion for what they do and can have the ability to infect others with their passion. It can be as simple as showing your passion for being a GG volunteer by attending as many makeovers and meetings as you can!

2.  Have a Clear Set of Values

Role models aren’t afraid to speak about what they believe in and don’t shy away from something that others think isn’t “cool.” Role models stick to their values with confidence which makes others look up to them.

3.  Commit to Community

People admire those who freely give their time and talents to benefit others. Being a GG volunteer already shows that you are other-focused and give back to your community. You can continue this by staying involved in GG activities and maybe applying for a leadership position.

4.  Accept Others

Role models are inclusive and make sure everyone is involved. This can be as easy as making sure everyone knows they are invited to join your GlamourGals chapter or going out of your way to make sure someone feels included during a makeover.  

5.  Overcome Obstacles

Role models have issues and obstacles just like everyone else, but the way they deal with challenges can be inspiring Handling problems with patience, flexibility, and considerations for others feelings is an easy way to show others that they can do the same.

It is important to remember that people are not perfect and neither are role models. Even though as role models you want to always put your best foot forward, know that you may make mistakes, and that is okay!  If you commit to learning from your mistakes, you will grow into the best person and role model you can be!


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Jessica Wallin