Video: Icebreaker instructions #1

Video: Icebreaker instructions #1

Icebreaker #1: “Roll the Dice”

If your chapter is having GLTI over the course of several meetings, kick off each one with an ice breaker!
— GG National


  1. Have all of the group seated in your designated section of the auditorium, including yourself.

  2. Begin by rolling the boxes gently on the ground like dice.

  3. The person who rolled the boxes has to answer the question formed by the face up sides of both “dice”.

  4. The person to the left and to the right of the volunteer must also answer the question.

  5. Have the person to the right of the volunteer roll next.

Icebreaker #2 Instructions

Icebreaker #2 Instructions

Icebreaker #2: “Fast Facts”


  1. Divide the group into 2 teams and have them line up facing each other.

  2. Volunteers will ask questions and talk to the person directly across from her for 20 seconds.

  3. While they are talking, they will pass a box around.

  4. Each row step to the right so that they are facing a new volunteer.

  5. Repeat

Example questions:

  • Why did you join GlamourGals?

  • What does your chapter do to celebrate holidays?

  • What is your favorite holiday memory?

  • What are you looking forward to about GLTI?

  • If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

  • If you could choose to stay one age forever, what would it be? Why?

When it is time to switch, the person with the box has to pull from the box another question to ask the whole group or a silly question


  • celebrity crush

  • favorite song when you were a kid

  • sing the theme song for your favorite show

  • high five the whole group

  • pretend you’re accepting an Oscar

Then, get in a circle and play never have I ever based on what you learned from the lightning round!



Icebreaker #3: Human Knot


  1. Volunteers stand in a circle

  2. Each person will reach across the circle and hold the hand of anyone except the people directly to their left or right. Do not hold both hands with one person, everyone should be linked.

  3. Unscramble!