GlamourGals Leadership Training Institute:
DIgital Edition

Calling all GlamourGals chapters across the country!

We want to make sure that you have access to our leadership training whether you can make it to NYC or not! Welcome to GLTI digital, an online leadership training for GG chapters nationwide. Whether you're planning a one-day event or several smaller meetings, we want your chapters to have total access to our exclusive leadership training. This event was created specifically for GG volunteers! 

Your Digital GLTI Kit Includes:

GLTI chapter kit with worksheets, icebreaker materials, and more.
Access to complete videos from our GLTI speakers.
Exclusive leadership tip sheets and infographics.
Interactive workshops lead by GG National -- with the help of your chapter leaders!

Workshops and Panels: 

Welcome Video: Lauren Berger and Rachel Doyle
Guided MNDFL Meditation: Marisa Viola
Kickoff Convo: Claudia Chan
Seniors Speak: Hear the experiences of seniors of all sorts.
Along for the Journey: Encountering Alzheimer's and Dementia
Problem Solving with Personality: Use your personality type to become a better leader
Great at Gratitude Workshop: Saying Thank You
 A Polished Finish: Rachel Doyle