I feel like [GlamourGals] benefits the seniors and teens equally. Sometimes the seniors don’t have families that come to visit - but it makes us feel better, because I get to feel like I am helping. Everybody gets something out of it.
— Kristal, GG volunteer in Brooklyn


Start a chapter


Starting a GlamourGals chapter is a great way to do community service while making friends of all ages. Chapters usually continue at your school after you graduate, so by starting a chapter, you'll be creating a lasting difference in your community. Founding a service club also stands out on college and job applications. 

Who can start a chapter?

If you are a high school or college student, you can start a GlamourGals chapter at your school! If you are an adult professional, you can help start a chapter by reaching out to students in your community and sharing the GlamourGals mission. A great way to do that is by organizing a MegaMakeover.


The GG National office is here to help you start new GlamourGals chapter in your community. Here is what you'll need to do:


  • Have one chapter leader.
  • Recruit at least 10 volunteers.
  • Find an adult advisor - ideally, a school staff or faculty member (only for high school chapters).


  • Fill four chapter leadership positions: president, vice president, public relations officer, and treasurer.
  • Connect with a senior home and schedule your first makeover.


  • Register on our interactive volunteer website, GGchapters.org.
  • Request all the cosmetics and applicators you'll need.
  • Pay the $100 annual registration fee within two months.

Attend an event

Program events and fundraisers are held throughout the year. See the full event list here.

Become an intern

Interns will learn and implement skills that can directly impact their academic and professional careers. They will gain first-hand knowledge of how a small and growing nonprofit functions by assisting the GlamourGals National staff in marketing, communications, event planning, research, and writing while supporting our program. 


Partner with us

GlamourGals is always looking for organizations and individuals to partner with. If you, your organization, or your corporation are interested in supporting the GlamourGals mission, please contact us directly.


Join a board or council

GlamourGals has a Board of Directors, an Executive Council, and an Advisory Council. Each plays a significant role in the operation and sustainability of our organization. You can see a list of our current board and council members here

If you are interested in joining one of our councils or our board, please contact us directly.

I was drawn to GlamourGals because of the many stories of senior ladies whose lives have been touched in such an important and profound way.
— Didi Fraioli, Advisory Council Member

Attend an event

Program events and fundraisers are held throughout the year. See the full event list here.

Host a MegaMakeover

One of the best ways for adults to support our program is to host a MegaMakeover, a one-time makeover event designed to spread awareness of the GlamourGals program. The goal of each MegaMakeover is to inspire students to start chapters at their high schools or colleges. 

At a MegaMakeover, community members give manicures and makeovers alongside students. They are an excellent opportunity for adult volunteers to experience the intergenerational connections that GG fosters

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.13.25 PM.png

The GG National office will help you organize a MegaMakeover. Here's what you'll need to do: 

1. Connect with a senior home and arrange a date and time for your event. 
2. Invite friends, family, and local high school or college students to volunteer.
3. Make a $100 donation to GlamourGals to receive all the supplies you'll need.

After your makeover, the GG National office will work with any students who are interested in starting a new chapter. Your $100 donation will sponsor the first chapter that is started as a result of your MegaMakeover.


Register your senior home

If you are interested in having a GlamourGals chapter visit your facility, you can register your senior home in our database. Local chapters will be able to find your facility when they search for a senior home to visit.

GlamourGals chapters are groups of teen volunteers in high school or college. They offer the seniors the following options:

  • Manicures (nail files, hand lotion, and/or nail polish).
  • Makeovers (foundation, lipstick, and/or blush).
  • Facials (cleanser and/or lotion).

Volunteers will always ask each senior what elements of the makeover they would like. All seniors are welcome to attend a makeover and connect with volunteers. GlamourGals provides chapters with disposable tools to ensure the makeup used is sanitary. Volunteers NEVER use any sharp tools, apply eye makeup, or do hair.

Please contact us if you have any questions.