Why Support Us?

Support for GlamourGals helps to provide valuable services for two populations, our teen volunteers and the seniors they visit. Our holistic program focuses on empowering students to make a difference in their own communities, bridging the gap between generations and helping teens feel that they can truly make a difference. 


For Seniors:

For Students:

79% of volunteers feel more confident taking on leadership roles because of their participation

74% reported increased self confidence after volunteering with GlamourGals

98% reported feeling better about themselves after attending a GlamourGals makeover.

100% of senior home surveyed reported a noticible increase in the mood of residents after a glamourgals makeover.

Before GG, I was shy and hesitant, but I have grown to become more
vocal and confident. Being a GG leader has taught me to be more mature, patient,
compassionate, and most importantly, put myself in other’s shoes to understand
every individual better.
— Carey, Queens Volunteer