The Leadership Initiative 

The Leadership Initiative is a series of touch points utilized by GG National to build leadership skills in teen volunteers.

Some key ways GlamourGals encourages students to build leadership skills include:

  • Train our volunteers with in-person visits and phone/video calls from the GG National team.
  • Help students connect with senior homes and maintain a positive and professional relationship.
  • Build critical leadership skills like delegation and responsibility by encouraging chapters to be led by students in each of four leadership roles.
  • Send monthly e-mails, featuring meeting agendas and compassion scenarios to help students work through issues and build empathy.
  • Encourage creative thinking and business skills through the Chapter Creativity Fund. GlamourGals reimburses students who propose, plan, and execute a special event at their senior home.
  • Host a series of networking and training events throughout the year. Programming is based on feedback we receive from volunteers.
  • Reward hard work, including the Glammy Scholarship Awards, recommendation letters from GG National, and Intergenerational Service Awards.