Zoe in Long Island


Our team of GlamourGals arrived just as Bingo was ending. I can’t say the crowd was raucous, but they were definitely in a good mood and ready to mingle. Olga, a resident of Maple Pointe I have seen at makeovers for several years, opened her eyes and arms wide, grabbed me into a tight hug, and exclaimed, “You’re here! I am so happy to see you!”

I sat next to another resident I have known for a long time, Ruth. She gave me a huge smile, looked at my basket of nail polish, and said, “I've been waiting for this all month!” The reception we get from the Maple Pointe residents should be a Glamour Gals commercial…what seemingly small gesture can simultaneously make 20 teenagers and a whole room full of senior citizens so happy?! The hour passed by in what seemed like minutes. Table after table was filled with chatter and laughter. Ruth told me about her newest great-grandchild; I told her about my latest dance competition. And in a miracle of humanity, we had more in common than any two people separated by 80 years could ever hope to have—we made each other smile!

Margaret Croft