"My hope is to expand & visit every senior center in Western New York."

GlamourGals is really important to me and my community because it is a big part of my life. It is important for us to visit these senior citizens so that they know that they are not alone and that we appreciate all that they have done for us throughout their lives. These seniors are a vital part of our community; they have experience in life and wisdom. I learned from GlamourGals that senior citizens are great examples of role models. GlamourGals has given me a lot of unexpected experiences and it has made me into a better person. 

Our chapter of GlamourGals (and Guys) was initiated by one of the teachers at my school. We were asked to attend a meeting if we wanted to join, and at that meeting I was elected president. Being a president is not that easy of a job. I have to make sure that everything is going right, everyone knows what to do, and that they are happy with their job. I feel really proud about being president of such a great club like this. Sometimes I have to take advice from my teammates to make sure I am doing the right thing. 

Being able to work with such great people like my team is the what makes this club so great. I have learned a lot from my team. I learned how to be strong and how to always try my best. I learned to always have a smile on, no matter what. One instance where I went above and beyond as a leader was when I happened to drive by a senior living home. I knew that this was an opportunity to call that senior living home to try to schedule a makeover with GlamourGals. This started a chain reaction of members reaching out to any senior living home that they saw. The purpose behind my initial phone call was to spread the happiness that I had seen in the senior citizens who already received makeovers. We are the only chapter in the area and my hope as president is to expand as much as possible and to visit every senior living center in Western New York. 

When I was younger and I lived in my home country, I was never asked what I wanted to be in the future. Careers were based on your parent’s career. For example, if you father is a doctor, then you become a doctor. When I arrived in the United States, I did not have a career in mind, but during these past few years I have figured out that I love helping people. Being a GlamourGals volunteer has helped shaped my aspirations and future career goals by giving me experience in assisting others, and giving practice for my future career. 

-Yasir, GG volunteer in Buffalo, New York &
Chapter President Glammy Scholarship Award finalist