Valeska and Margo in California

I always feel like I start my journals with my worries, so I don't want to break that tradition. I really had a nagging feeling that the volunteers would be disappointed with the resident turnout and would just sit around without anyone, but I was pleasantly proven wrong.

We had two people waiting for me at the room already, since I came earlier, and a third and fourth woman walked in. I spoke to Jean Rose, June, and Phyllis, who comes quite often. Phyllis has a very carefree attitude. She's very trusting in our abilities as well. She also forgot her walker at the activities room, so I went to her room to return it. I'd never seen the inside of these rooms before, but her room was really bright and warm looking, and her and her husband were sitting together watching television, and the air smelled so sweet. Jean Rose was very happy at her makeover by Connie, and kept touching her face. June was new, but she was very sweet. We also met a new woman, who said her granddaughter went to our school, and when she named her, turns out it's a girl from our grade whom the other volunteers were friends with! 

Margo also came in. She lived in Florida (Largo, hence her nickname) and has lived at the center for seven years. She had her nails done already, but came [for a makeover anyway]. After the session ended, I talked to her outside the center. She told me that I have to go to college, and don't get distracted by making money so early on, because we need college if our job fails.

Margo told the story of how her daughter went on to work for Panasonic after high school, but when the company closed, she had to take night classes to finish up her education. She herself never went on to further education, and repeated her advice. [Margo] told [me] I should take her advice as if it were from my grandmother, and that I should always think of [her] when things get hard and tempting.

-Valeska, GG volunteer in Calinfornia

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