Gearing Up for GLTI 2017!

Every year, GlamourGals hosts a leadership training for 150 of our volunteers in New York City. The GLTI focuses on the personal and professional development of our volunteers. This year, we will be focusing on personality types, communication styles, leadership, and more. With our 2017 event almost a month away, we wanted to share some feedback from last year! Here's what our volunteers had to say: 

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"This was my first year coming to the GlamourGals Leadership Training Institute. At first, I was quite nervous coming to this leadership event because I didn't really know what I was going to have to do. However, the moment I was able to meet my group was really special. We all related with each other and we all really had a fun time. For example, we were able to practice our leadership skills and our social skills. We took so many pictures and bonded over the smallest things." — Alexis

"We learned how we can impact these senior's lives by just doing a simple action that will leave a smile on their face. I learned that even if you didn't feel like you impacted a senior's life, just talking to them can make a big difference in how they feel and their attitude to certain situations." — Ellen

"One thing that stuck with me after listening to the panelists was that the result we expect to see might not come immediately. This is so important because sometimes we get discouraged when we don't see a senior connecting or communicating with us. We automatically think we didn't succeed or make an impact on this person’s life. Later on in their day, they may remember something you said and you might of put a smile on their face. That is all that matters." — Emily

"It is so important that students build leadership skills, and I like that Glamour Gals offers students a unique opportunity to both give back to their communities, and gain a sense of leadership." —Fareesha

"The best part was realizing that everyone in that room all stood up for the same cause and were all united for my purpose, which was to be there for the seniors when their family couldn't. We were all there to make the seniors voice heard." — Andrelina

"I loved how all these people from different chapters came together for the purpose of being part of this movement." — Pukhraj

"This helped me learn to appreciate the organization more.  I now realized it was a way to end senior loneliness.  I never realized how much of a great impact a volunteer could have on a senior. It was a fun day and one I would cherish forever." — Christa

"I had a friend that came with me but unfortunately we were not put in the same group. At first I thought this was gonna be a bad thing but I was glad we were separated because I got the chance to meet new people. I became friends with the two girls who were in my group and still talk to them now!" — Gabrielle

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