2019 Glammy Finalist Blog Series: Unice Colon, President

Today’s Glammy Finalist Blog Series post features Unice Colon, who served as president of Sanford H. Calhoun High School chapter. In this article, Unice explains the power of GlamourGals’ impact and what she learned about being a role model while in a leadership role.

Why is GlamourGals important to you and your community?

GlamourGals is important to me and my community because it bridges together different generations of people and we learn from each other. I joined GlamourGals because it seemed like a fun way to interact with seniors, but I never knew the impact it would leave on me. The seniors at our local nursing home truly enjoy seeing us GlamourGals come biweekly. Some have even told us that they enjoy spending time with the youth because we remind them of themselves! Hearing their stories and receiving life lessons is always the best part of GlamourGals. This is an organization that needs to be world-wide. Seniors are neglected these days, but it doesn't have to be that way; they have a lot of wisdom to give, and in my community we give this service to receive learning experiences and leave a smiling face on the seniors at our local home. We are always looking forward to seeing them again soon.


What you have learned from being a leader of your chapter?

My leadership position within my GlamourGals chapter has taught me to put others before myself and to be a role model for my club members. One time when I went above and beyond as a leader is when I did something as simple as donating nail polish to our local home. GG National sends us some amazing reds and pinks, but sometimes our colors mysteriously disappear. For every makeover we hold, we do our best to make it the greatest one yet—whether it is by giving the younger members rides to the home because our school doesn’t provide us with transportation or just holding meetings where we get to know every single one of our members. It’s my aspiration to be a role model for these younger members in hopes that they will continue the #GGMovement when we’re gone. In the future, I hope to continue GlamourGals through college and beyond. If my college does not have a chapter, I plan to [create] one and expand this amazing organization as much as I can.

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