The Power Of Women

This week’s blog comes from Nicole Fry, President of the GlamourGals of Tiffin chapter. She shares stories of some of the wonderful women that she has met through her GG experience.


In honor of Women's History month I want to recognize women that I have met through GlamourGals, and the women that have shaped our history. 

Through the time that I got to know her and hear all of her stories, I am inspired to be the strongest and most compassionate woman that I can be.

One woman I had the privilege of meeting reminded me of a modern day Florence Nightingale. She grew up in a time where women were just starting to get into the medical field as nurses, but it was deemed unacceptable by society to work as a nurse if you were married. This amazing resident told me her life story of fighting the sexist system for nurses. She was going through nursing school when she met the love of her life. They kept their relationship a secret from the world. Both of their families, friends, and co-workers had no idea about their relationship because she knew that if anyone found out she wouldn't be allowed to finish nursing school and achieve her dream of becoming a nurse. Her boyfriend loved her, and supported her decision to become a nurse and would wait as long as she needed before getting married.

Long story short her parents found out and tried to force her out of school. When that didn't work they told the Dean of the college and he tried to force her out, but because there wasn't a specific school rule that stated she couldn't date anyone, they weren't able to force her out. With the support of her boyfriend and her courage, she completed nursing school and became the first married nurse at the hospital she worked in. She reminded me of Florence Nightingale, not because she developed the field of nursing for women to work in, but because she broke all stereotypes and influenced other women to follow their dreams no matter what others told her. She may not have changed the field of nursing for the world, or the United States, but she did change it for the local hospital in her town, and that deserves recognition in itself. She inspires me to go after my dreams no matter what people tell me. 

The next resident I want to recognize is one that has recently passed this year, Ivy. Through the time that I got to know her and hear all of her stories, I am inspired to be the strongest and most compassionate woman that I can be. Ivy was small in stature, but strong in mental fortitude and sheer will. Ivy grew up during WWII in Great Britain, and survived the war when many of her family and neighbors did not. During WWII, Ivy lived in London with her family members and survived the Nazi's Blitzkrieg attack on London. She didn't talk much about that part of her past, but when she did I saw another side of her. I didn't just see the soft, kind, proper English lady, but the strong and resilient one. It made me have a deeper appreciation for her and the bond that we formed. Ivy also did many tasks that were deemed 'men's jobs' when she was in London during WWII to help out the war front. Then over time she fell in love an American Airman and got married during the war and had a child. Once the war was over she then moved to America to join her husband with little to no money and a young baby on her hip. When I had asked her if she was scared about moving to America she replied, "After surviving the war, moving to America seemed like child's play". Ivy reminded me of a modern-day wonder woman, because if her strength and kindness wasn't a super power than what is?

My point about recognizing these amazing women during Women's history month and comparing them to historical women heroes, is that the women in our lives don't have to wear a cape or be in a history book to be considered a hero. The women in our lives are strong, courageous, brave, and compassionate. It can be hard to spot women heroes in our lives, but trust me they're everywhere. I found a lot through GlamourGals makeovers and meeting amazing women, they made me take a closer look to the women in my life. My mom, my aunts, my cousins, and some of my teachers they're all heroes in my book. It's our job as daughters, sons, nieces and nephews to recognize and thank the amazing women in our lives. They deserve the praise and celebration when they're around to hear it.

Jessica Wallin