The GlamourGals Foundation Teams Up With Progressive Financial Services To Highlight Extraordinary Teen Community Efforts And To Support Arizona Seniors

The GlamourGals Foundation Teams Up With Progressive Financial Services To Highlight Extraordinary Teen Community Efforts And To Support Arizona Seniors


PHOENIX, AZ (March 12, 2012) – GlamourGals and Progressive Financial Services, Inc will join forces to raise awareness about GlamourGals’ teen volunteer program on Friday, March 16th, and spread beauty and mutual respect across generations at Emeritus at Olive Grove on Saturday, March 17th.

GlamourGals is working with Progressive Financial Services, Inc., a local area corporation owned and operated by Louis Valerio.

“Progressive is a collection agency and that, by default, carries a negative connotation. What people fail to realize is that our employees are mothers, daughters, fathers, and sons. My staff constantly asks me how they can work with me to support GlamourGals. As a team, we are ready to help out,” says Louis Valerio, Chairman and CEO of Progressive and GlamourGals Executive Board Member.

On Friday, March 16th, Progressive employees will spend part of their workday connecting with the community to spread awareness about GlamourGals. To help coordinate this event, Progressive created a task force consisting of executive management, managers, directors, and employees. The task force has planned an event within Progressive’s Arizona facility that will provide employee volunteers with the opportunity to utilize the agency’s technological tools to spread information to their network of contacts about GlamourGals’ mission of boosting self esteem and mutual respect among generations.

Progressive employees, who normally utilize telephone lines to recover delinquent debts, will be reallocating their resources to support GlamourGals Foundation, Inc. Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, mailings, and telephone contacts are a sampling of the methods that may be used to help distribute information. In addition to the benefits inherent with charity work, employees who volunteer will receive a catered lunch, official GlamourGals t-shirt, and paid time-off from their normal duties. Special guests are expected to be onsite to share inspirational messages and provide support.

Additionally, on March 16th, from 5-7 p.m., there will be a special event to raise awareness about GlamourGals at Distrito. Distrito-Scottsdale is a partnership of the Saguro Hotel and Iron Chef, Jose Garces. Serving authentic modern mexian in a fun, family friendly atmosphere, Distrito will be hosting the GlamourGals on Friday, March 16th or a Glamour-Hour featuring Distrito's tasty mexican menu and a special strawberry "Glamour-rita." Everyone is invited to come out and experience the Iron Chef's latest culinary masterpiece and learn about the amazing GlamourGals organization.

On Saturday, March 17th, a Mega Makeover will be held with volunteers from GlamourGals’ Arizona School for the Arts chapter and Progressive employees at Emeritus at Olive Grove in Phoenix, AZ from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Mega Makeovers are held nationwide to engage non-traditional volunteers (those who are not teens belonging to chapters) in the GlamourGals makeover experience. This Mega Makeover will allow the Phoenix community to see how powerful being a companion and making someone look and feel beautiful can be.

Teen and local GlamourGals Chapter President, Siobhan shares, “Even though the elderly are the recipients of the makeovers, I have found myself the recipient of its benefits. I have learned the private histories of America and have been given my own personal, hand picked selection of pearls of wisdom…the women at Emeritus of Olive Grove have kept me grounded and thankful for all that I have. GlamourGals has given me a support base of amazing women and I am forever grateful.”

Community leaders are invited to attend and special guests include: GlamourGals’ Founder and President, Rachel Doyle, and Executive Board Member, Lou Valerio.

GlamourGals’ goals are to raise community support, additional resources to engage high school students in Arizona to start more GG volunteer chapters.

About GlamourGals

GlamourGals is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization that has inspired and organized teens to provide ongoing companionship and complimentary beauty makeovers to women living in senior homes since 2000. GlamourGals has 66 teen volunteer chapters across 13 states that engages over 1,200 teen volunteers to serve more than 2,000 senior women. These chapters follow our “hot pink leadership” curriculum, which inspires and organizes our teens through multiple mediums. The seniors who participate in the GlamourGals program feel a renewed sense of beauty and dignity while teens are able to discover their potential as leaders as compassionate community volunteers. Oprah Winfrey, The New York Times, CosmoGIRL! and The Saturday Early Show on CBS have all commended the GlamourGals program. For more information, please visit

About Progressive Financial Services, Inc.

Progressive Financial Services, Inc. is a national collection agency with offices in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota. Progressive differs from the standard collection agency by working with consumers to find a beneficial solution for all parties involved. The corporate motto of "Mediation, not Confrontation" ® effectively describes the manner in which the staff is trained to communicate with consumers. Progressive strives to recover the balance due while protecting the image and relationship our client has built with their customers.

Progressive assists in the recovery of debt for a multitude of city, state, and federal entities. The recovery efforts of employees at Progressive bring money back into programs which can then be used for additional loans, community improvements, and overall financial stability.


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