The GlamourGals Foundation Introduces Inaugural Scholarship Program

 The GlamourGals Foundation Introduces Inaugural Scholarship Program 


NEW YORK, NY (March 27, 2012) – GlamourGals inaugurated and raised critical funds for its scholarship through a live auction at Illuminate 2012 on Thursday, February 2, 2012.

GlamourGals will award three, one thousand dollar scholarships to three exceptional teen volunteers atThe Glammy Scholarship Awards on Saturday, April 28th, in New York City.  Official GlamourGals leaders (presidents, co-presidents, and rally girls) nationwide are encouraged to apply for the award. Applications are due no later than April 2nd and winners will be announced on April 11th.

Thanks largely to Daniel Harrison and supporting donors Mary Kopczynksi and Joshua Wise, GlamourGals raised the funds at the auction.

“Growing up, I was exposed early on to elderly people, from spending my afternoons at the senior home where my mother worked, to spending summers in Spain with my grandparents each year. I quickly developed a love, and an appreciation and respect for them. I recall the memories of sitting and listening to my grandmother’s wisdom, from the calmness and strength she exhibited to the battle with arthritis and the early stages of dementia in her final years. I often feel that it is a shame to lose all of that collected knowledge, life experience, and wisdom. To me, the elderly are almost a forgotten demographic. This is why I think GlamourGals is such a fresh and innovative organization. GlamourGals offers young adults the unique opportunity to spend time with the elderly and learn from them, but in the process gives joy to someone who is living their final years while enjoying the beauty in life through thoughtful gestures of giving,” says Daniel.

GlamourGals is excited to offer this opportunity to its dedicated and inspirational volunteers.

“This scholarship makes an imperative statement, sharing with the community that we want to invest in our volunteers, in the people that make our progam what it is, and not necessarily a desk in an office somewhere. We want our volunteers to know that the hours that they spend volunteering with GG can aid in their academic career.  I think a scholarship program is a clear message that we support our volunteers,” says GlamourGals Founder and President, Rachel Doyle.

To ensure that all chapters have the opportunity to attend The Glammy Scholarship Awards and celebrate their accomplishments, GlamourGals is seeking supporters to sponsor chapters or volunteers to attend the event.

Sponsorship Opportunities Include:

-Chapter sponsor ($1000): attendance to the event for 2 guests and sponsors an entire chapter's attendance.

-Champion sponsor ($250): one guest registration and sponsors 8 volunteers from a chapter to attend.

-Leader sponsor ($150):  one guest registration and sponsors the leaders (President, Co-President, and Rally Girl) of one chapter to attend.

For more information about The Glammy Scholarship Awards or to register to attend, click here.

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GlamourGals is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization that has inspires and organizes teens to provide ongoing companionship and complimentary beauty makeovers to women living in senior homes since 2000. GlamourGals has 67 Chapters across 13 states that engages over 1,300 teen volunteers to serve more than 2,000 senior women. Oprah Winfrey, The New York Times, CosmoGIRL!, and The Saturday Early Show on CBS have all commended the GlamourGals program. For more information, please visit


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