The Beauty Beneath the Surface


On June 9, I entered my first GlamourGals makeover. A mix of eagerness and nervousness took over me as I entered the home and prepared to do the nails and faces of those present. I saw men and woman of different ages talking, sitting, and simply enjoying their day together. It was shortly thereafter that I performed my first makeover ever and even met some incredible women.

However, there was one in particular that stood out to me; her name was Anne.* Reserved and serious upon meeting, I was unsure of how to approach her. She seemed easygoing one minute and somber the next. It was something I was not used to. Nevertheless, I got the courage to start talking to her and helped apply her foundation as well as blush to her face. The more time I spent with Anne, the more she opened up to the other interns and me.

She later took Nicolette and I to the poolroom where she led us through her workout routine consisting of lunges and stretching exercises. It was during this time, that Anne seemed to be at her best. Her somewhat serious demeanor faded and a quick smile would appear on her face as she explained her exercise regime. She proudly told us how she had lost 30 pounds and continues to stay healthy by staying active and extracting starch from her diet.

Apart from the fun we all had together, Anne gave a solemn piece of advice for young women like me. She said, “Get out of an abusive relationship. Don’t stay.” And that is something I have always been taught growing up; but hearing it from someone like Anne made it all the more real to me. A victim of an abusive relationship herself, Anne spoke from the heart when she opened up to us about pieces from her past.

It was heartbreaking and terrible to hear, and a large part of her life long ago. Therefore, I believe her hard demeanor is only a shield to protect herself from the evils the world has to offer. Anne, with her dance moves and eagerness to interact with the interns, is a woman who seeks out the company of others. She has taught me not only to stand strong in an relationship, but also to never judge a book by its cover, because if you do, you may never uncover the beauty that lies beneath it.

-Caitlin F., GG intern and volunteer in Manhattan

*Name has been changed.