Thankful for Two Generations of Women

In honor of Mother’s Day yesterday, and on behalf of the entire GlamourGals team, we want to give two special shout-outs.The first goes to the amazing women our volunteers serve throughout the year. These lovely, kind women become almost motherly figures to our teenage volunteers. Oftentimes, our volunteers will comment that the women they serve will teach, mentor and give more to them than they can ever return. Here are just a few of the many ways GG seniors have influenced our volunteers.

“One lady began to tell me about her husband who fought in World War II, the different places they had lived, and so much more. It was incredible hearing where they had come from and what they had done in their lives; it makes me realize I have so much more ahead of me!”

“We met a lady who gave us great advice on how we should carry and respect ourselves as women.”

“She’s a fashionable lady who loved fashion at an early age, but she also worked for the United Nations and owned a boutique in 5th ave. She told me to always live in the moment and not waste a day.”

Thank you to all the women that our GG volunteers serve on a regular basis. We are so honored to know, serve, and hear from you.

Our second shout-out is to our amazing volunteers who never cease to inspire us with their selfless giving of their time to an older generations. Some of our volunteers went above and beyond this Mother’s Day weekend, handing out flowers for residents to keep in their rooms, making cards, and of course the GG makeover. The true gift our volunteers give to these elderly women is their time. While speaking to her high school guidance counselor, a volunteer shared the following story:

“When I said that I am a GlamourGals’ volunteer, she stopped typing and looked at me and smiled. I asked her if she heard of it before and she said that just a few months ago her mother was alone when she (my counselor) got sick and once she got better she found her mom did not grow lonely because "The GlamourGals" came to the rescue. … This made me realize that just by taking the few moments of painting someones nails and creating a bond with someone who you generally wouldn't, can make a huge difference in everyones lives."

We are so thankful our volunteers step in to show all mom’s and elderly women how special they are!

Know someone amazing in your life that you want to give a shout-out to? Check out our last post, “Tell Them They’re Amazing” about our May initiative to spread some GG love and send a custom postcard in the mail to someone who deserves to know how amazing they are.