Tell Them They're Amazing

Donate $5 to GlamourGals and get a postcard sent out to a special person in your life. Once you submit your donation, email with the name and mailing address of the person for whom you're sending the card. 

See the copy below for "amazing" postcard for anyone who donates $5. The above image is on the front of the postcard.

Hey there!

Someone in your life thinks you're AMAZING. They donated $5 or more to GlamourGals Foundation Inc in your honor because they wanted to send you this special postcard. Their contribution and your amazing-ness will provide a volunteer with inspiring and motivational GG mailings for a year! Thank you for being you!

Want to find out who it was? Take a selfie with the postcard and post it on your social media feeds or email us with a picture!

Make sure to tag us:
Twitter: @glamourgals
Instagram: @_glamourgals

Rachel Doyle