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"GlamourGals... has opened the door to my future."

"GlamourGals has served as a new canvas for me to sketch out and explore different career opportunities. I am always reminded of how my early introduction to art by my grandmother has impacted my life. And now, something as simple as a manicure -- adding a touch of art on a person’s hand -- and a few minutes to engage in conversation, can have such significance."

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Suin Jung: 2016 Chapter Treasurer Glammy Scholarship Award Winner

"GlamourGals is not an optional community service club but a necessity to both the seniors and the volunteers. GlamourGals is where we learn how to interact with different types of people: a life lesson that will benefit us into the future. GlamourGals is important because it creates the opportunity for people to share any exciting news, rant about similar complaints, and listen to each other’s stories."

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