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"The one position I enjoy the most is at GlamourGals."

"Hearing, 'My family rarely comes to visit me... Thank you so much for coming!' from our seniors is why I try my best to make sure the young girls I lead feel inspired. The community forgets the greatest people of our society. However, small acts of kindness as simple as talking over a manicure can make a gargantuan difference."

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Suin Jung: 2016 Chapter Treasurer Glammy Scholarship Award Winner

"GlamourGals is not an optional community service club but a necessity to both the seniors and the volunteers. GlamourGals is where we learn how to interact with different types of people: a life lesson that will benefit us into the future. GlamourGals is important because it creates the opportunity for people to share any exciting news, rant about similar complaints, and listen to each other’s stories."

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