Summer Intern Blog Series: Valentina

The last summer intern in our blog series is Valentina from the University of Vermont! Read on to learn more about Valentina and how her close relationship with her grandfather inspired her to join GlamourGals!


Introduce yourself!

I’m Valentina and I’m a rising sophomore at the University of Vermont. I am a Global Studies major with a concentration in Community and International Development.

How did you first get involved with GG?

When I came across the GlamourGals website a couple of years ago, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Since there wasn’t an existing chapter accessible to me, started a new one in my town. I have been involved with GlamourGals ever since.


What is your role in the office?

My role as an Operations and Grant Writing Intern is to assist with grassroots outreach, volunteer recruitment, and grant research. My role as a GG intern has also allowed me to work on PR and event planning projects.

What do you like most about GG?

While I was drawn to GlamourGals because I am passionate about the mission to end elder isolation, my favorite thing about the GlamourGals organization is the unique way in which they engage with their volunteers. I love the way that GlamourGals focuses on supporting their teen volunteers through mentorships and leadership training. GlamourGals is not only facilitating intergenerational connections, but it is supporting the next generation of compassionate leaders.

Has there been a senior who has positively impacted your life?

My relationship with my grandpa was a major factor that inspired me to get involved with GlamourGals. My grandpa lived with my family for the first 13 years of my life until he passed at the age of 97. I would listen to him tell stories for hours. It is clear that many seniors living in senior homes do not have the opportunity to be surrounded by family the way my grandpa was. I truly appreciate all of the volunteers that help connect seniors to their community and to the younger generations. I am grateful for each and every senior that I have met throughout my experience with GlamourGals. I treasure all of their interesting stories, jokes, and life advice.

Jessica Wallin