Summer Intern Blog Series: Sara

Today's Summer Intern Blog post features Sara, an intern from Emerson College! Read on to learn more about Sara and her activities in the office!


Introduce yourself!

My name is Sara, and I am a rising sophomore at Emerson College majoring in Marketing Communications with a focus on entertainment, culture, and media.

How did you first get involved?

I first became involved with GlamourGals by watching a “How I Got Into College” video! Interested, I decided to delve into GlamourGals’ website and became obsessed with its overall prerogative. This YouTube video escalated my curiosity since college and makeovers were peak interests at the time! During my junior year of high school, my passion for beauty and femininity was showcased through GlamourGals and it was one of the most humbling experiences throughout my high school career.

What is your role in the office?

As a P.R and Event Planning Intern, I assist GG with their social media tactics, blog content, and other miscellaneous projects that fall under the P.R and Event Planning spectrum. As a President of the Mock GG University Chapter, I spearhead meetings and makeovers by sharing my tips as a past president in high school, logging in hours, and relaying tricks on how to make a senior’s day the best that it can be!

What do you like most working with GlamourGals?

The one thing I love most about GG is the people that take part in GG’s humble mission to warm seniors’ hearts. Specifically, the mentors are role models here at GlamourGals have established a significant place in my life. These mentors guide us in our career and in volunteer work as they effortlessly teach us balance and lifestyles as a young entrepreneur and volunteer.  

Has there been a senior who has positively impacted your life?

The one senior that has affected my life the most was my grandmother. Ever since I was little, there was an extreme language barrier between my grandmother and I. As her native tongue was Urdu and mine was English, it was difficult for me to connect with her on a personal level. I dreamt of sharing my life experiences and getting advice from a relative of wisdom, yet all that could translate was, “hi, hello, and how are you?”. This impacted my life since it made GlamourGals just as more appealing and beautiful to me. As an intern and volunteer, I now connect with countless women and share life experiences like I had wanted to as a little girl!

Jessica Wallin