Summer Intern Blog Series: Ashley

Today's Summer Intern Blog post features Ashley, an intern from the University of Pittsburgh! Check out Ashley's responses to learn more about her and what she loves most about GlamourGals!

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Introduce yourself!

Hey! My name is Ashley and I’m a rising junior at the University of Pittsburgh where I’m studying athletic training.

How did you first get involved with GlamourGals?

I first became involved with GlamourGals as a freshman in high school. The chapter had just been started by a sophomore at my school that I knew and I became involved right away.


What is your role in the office?

In the GlamourGals National office, I am a PR and event planning intern. I’ve been working with the other interns on blog and Instagram posts as well as seeing how we can improve the makeover process for each chapter.

What do you like most about working with GlamourGals?

My favorite thing about GG is that just by giving someone a manicure or applying some makeup and speaking with them, we are able to form such strong bonds.

When working with GG, I love collaborating with the other interns. We are in the process of planning a couple special events and we each have unique perspectives that allow us to come up with some really exciting ideas.

Has there been a senior that has positively impacted your life?

A senior that has positively impacted my life was a woman named Ella. Every time my high school chapter would visit our senior home, I would always make sure I talked to her for a little bit if I wasn’t able to do Ella’s nails that day. She always wore her iconic bright red lipstick and had a cup of her morning half coffee-half hot chocolate drink. Ella would share her life stories and wisdom with my chapter, but we stopped seeing her come to receive a manicure for a few visits in a row. The activities director told us her health was declining but allowed those closest to her to visit her in her room. When I saw Ella laying in her bed, she still had her signature red lipstick on and was still positive despite not being able to leave her room. I learned so much from Ella including how important it is to enjoy every moment in life and cherish the people you’re with.


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