Summer Intern Blog Series: Amy

Welcome to our first Summer Intern Blog Series post! This blog series will introduce all of our summer interns at the GG office. You can read about what goes on behind the scenes as the GG interns work hard to help fulfill GG’s mission. Our first post features Amy, an intern from Princeton University. Read on to learn more about Amy's duties in the office!

Introduce yourself!

Hello! I am Amy, and I am a rising junior at Princeton University majoring in Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

How did you first get involved with GlamourGals?

I learned about GlamourGals through Princeton Internships in Civic Service this year. I was searching for an internship, and I happened to look at GlamourGals’s website. After reading GG’s mission and internship description, I knew that I wanted to intern at GG because I wanted to facilitate GG’s mission through my efforts working as a marketing/PR intern.


What is your role in the office?

In the office, I work on marketing and public relations tasks. Since I go to the office everyday, I get to work with all the other interns and experience the other intern positions’ jobs while gaining more insight on marketing and PR. Some of the tasks I work on are social media and recruitment strategies.

What is your most favorite thing about GlamourGals?

To keep it simple, I really love makeup, friendship, and the color pink. As a young child and teenager, I used to be very insecure about my skin because I have eczema. Once I discovered the world of makeup and skincare, I was able to regain my confidence. I realized that I want to share this amzing feeling of empowerment through beauty with everyone, and GG does just that. I also used to play piano and viola at local senior homes, so I am looking forward to visiting senior homes as a college student and creating beautiful friendships with the ladies there.

Has there been a senior that has positively impacted your life?

I have only visited a senior home once so far, but I already met one lovely lady! Initially, I was very shy to talk to Carmen because I have not spent that much time with seniors before. All my grandparents either passed away or live in Korea, so I never had experience of spending quality time with seniors. Carmen, however, was so easygoing and kind that I had a wonderful time talking to her about her life and her love for traveling. I cannot wait to visit the senior home and see Carmen again!

Jessica Wallin