Suin Jung: 2016 Chapter Treasurer Glammy Scholarship Award Winner

On Saturday, May 21, Suin Jung was awarded the prestigious $1,000 Chapter Treasurer Glammy Scholarship Award at the 12th annual Glammy Scholarship Awards in New York City.

Suin joined the GlamourGals chapter at Townsend Harris High School four years ago, and has been serving as her chapter's treasurer for the past year. The GG chapter at Townsend Harris was also one of this year's winners of our High School Chapter Glammy Award, which recognizes the top high school chapters of the service year. 

As treasurer, Suin led her chapter in carrying out several creative fundraisers to raise money for volunteers to attend the GlamourGals Leadership Training Institute and Glammy Scholarship Awards. The funds they have raised have also been used to purchase GlamourGals t-shirts for the whole chapter.


“GlamourGals is not an optional community service club but a necessity to both the seniors and the volunteers,” says Suin. “GlamourGals is where we learn how to interact with different types of people: a life lesson that will benefit us into the future. GlamourGals is important because it creates the opportunity for people to share any exciting news, rant about similar complaints, and listen to each other’s stories."

"One time, I was polishing a quiet senior’s nails and caught glimpses of the smiles on her face as she observed the busy room filled with makeovers. When I asked her what mad her smile, she told me she has never seen these elders laugh so happily as this. Her genuine words filled me with joy, knowing that the smallest act of spending time to talk can bring such happiness. Today, living in busy communities where we are always chased by time, this warm atmosphere allows us to take a moment and breathe. Surely, this is a necessity."

Video Credit to Dream Images. 

Suin will be attending Cornell University this fall to pursue a career in engineering. Her interest in engineering was influenced by her experience as a GlamourGals volunteer. "It is my hope and dream that, through studying science and math, I can build new ways to benefit those in need so that we can take a step closer to filling the world with happy smiles."

You can find the press release announcing Pamela as this year's winner of the Chapter Treasurer Glammy Scholarship Award here.

Photographs by Tom Schelling