Stories To Tell But No One to Listen


Today we kicked off our first GG event of the new school year. It was by far our best event yet! We had 10 volunteers with 3 new volunteers come out. We had over 20 residents come and visit and we gave several manicures to excited ladies. I want to write this journal, though, about who I spent my day with. Her name is Mildred, but most people call her Millie. I invited her down to the room to get a manicure and she agreed saying her nails needed to be redone from when we last came to visit. I set her at a table and one of our volunteers Ashley painted her nails. As the visit went on and more and more ladies came in to get manicures, we started running out of room at the tables. So, I asked if anyone was finished getting their nails done and asked if we could move them to another spot in the room so someone else could get their nails done. We moved a couple people over to the couch and to the sides of tables so they could still visit with us while we did others nails. I asked Millie if it was okay that I moved her over to the couch and she said to me, "that's okay, you can just take me back into the hallway so you can make room for other people." I tried to convince her to stay but instead she wanted someone else to take her spot and asked me to take her to the hallway.

I did as she asked, but before I left her, I asked her about her pilot license that one of the nurses said she loved to talk about. She went on to tell me about how she was the first woman pilot at the new Mount Holly Airport and how she misses it so much. I continued to talk to her and she thanked me again for the manicure. Before I left, I tried one more time and said, "Are you sure you don't want to come back in the room and we can talk about your time as a pilot?" She looked away and then looked back at me and said, "Well I guess that would be okay. I guess I'll come back."

It was then that I realized how much she wanted me to say that. She wanted to come and visit with us so bad, but wanted to know that I wanted her there just as much. I took her back into the room and we sat together and talked for over an hour. She is one of the sweetest women I have ever met, with a ridiculously good memory as well! I feel like I have known Millie for years after talking with her about her life for just an hour. She had so many stories to tell of her past that she wants to share with people, but you can tell that there are not many people that she gets to share them with. I'm so glad that I was fortunate enough to spend time with her today. As the time passed, her niece came in with her husband to visit Millie, so I was happy to see someone come and visit her. They stayed for a few minutes to chat with us before they took Millie out onto the porch to visit more. As her nephew took her wheelchair, he said to me, "You just made her day." Millie smiled and promised she would be back next month. I am reminded every time I go to Riverview Estates just how much I love being a part of the GlamourGals organization.

Written by: Caroyln, Leader of New Jersey Chapter