Stories For The Heart

I've been a part of the GlamourGals team for quite awhile now. Every time I go to the nursing home to chat with the women there, I'm always in awe of the stories they share with me, each one original & unique. I'm always honored to hear these women share such personal details of their lives. Yesterday one story in particular touched my heart. I met a woman named Eva while searching for women who wanted their nails done. I sat down with her & she began telling me her life story. She told me that she lived in Hungary until she was twenty years old doing manufacturing work. She then moved to America, looking for bigger & better opportunities. She went to college as an art major working in design. She was just about to finish college when she had a tragic experience walking home one day. She was hit by a car & her career was destroyed. She said she never did artwork again. No one wanted to hire her, leaving her devastated. She told me how strong her legs were because she had to bike or walk everywhere in Hungary & that the accident took her strength away for good. Her story broke my heart, but it also inspired me. She was still such a strong lady despite the unfortunate events that haunted her. Such strength should be achieved by everyone, no matter what demons haunt your past. I would like to thank Eva for being such a great role model to everyone she enlightens with her life story; we're all gaining wisdom with each word.

Written by: Kim, Public Relations Officer of New Jersey Chapter