How to Organize a GlamourGals Chapter

For today's blog, GG intern Zoe troubleshoots chapter organization. Here are her tips for stress-free chapter management. 


The GlamourGals network is constantly expanding. With 105 chapters in 16 states run by over 1,700 volunteers, the #GGMovement is growing with the goal of ending senior isolation through makeovers and companionship, which makes a difference in their communities. With so many opportunities to volunteer, it is important that you keep your GlamourGals Chapter organized.

Here are some tips for keeping your chapter organized:

Running your GlamourGals chapter may seem overwhelming. How do I do outreach? How do I make sure enough volunteers can attend these events? How do I make sure we get to events on time? How to I keep the supplies organized? Don’t worry. The GlamourGals National Office is here to help you and we will be there for you every step of the way.

First things first: how do I do outreach? Because you are in charge of scheduling your own volunteer events, it is important that you know how to do outreach. A good way to start is by researching what senior homes are located near you. One way to organize your outreach is to make a list according to distance away from your school or other main location. Make sure you compile the following information: name of senior home, contact, address, hours open, distance/time away from your school, link to website. By doing this, it ensures that you have all the basic information together and you don’t need to go searching for it. When you speak to the activities director,ake sure you introduce GlamourGals, and explain what the organization is and what your chapter does. Offer them the option to have your chapter volunteer with them! Once they answer, you can decide on logistics (dates, times, etc.).

In order to make sure you have volunteers for your events, make sure you consistently update your chapter members with opportunities. Making sure that you let your members know about a volunteer opportunity in advance is important. You should not wait until last minute to get a group of volunteers together. Depending on how many people are in your chapter and how often you volunteer,  you can decide how to have your members sign up. People do not always check their e-mail, so you have the option of bringing up sign-ups during a meeting and having a physical sign up sheet that people can access when you are all together. Send a text or e-mail before each event so you can get a sense of how many volunteers are available that day. A handy way to keep this organized is through Google Event Invites - which you can use if you have a Gmail account.There are also apps that you can use to set reminders such as Wunderlist, Google Keep, and Todoist. You can even use programs like Remind to text volunteers!

To make sure you and your team of volunteers attend events on time, send out a reminder email to all of the members volunteering to reconfirm their availability and to make sure details for the trip are figured out! You should have a set meeting place and time that you tell all of the volunteers about. However long it takes to get to the senior home, make sure you gather all of the volunteers at least another hour before that. For example, if it takes 30 minutes to drive to the senior home and you want to get there at 1pm, make sure you meet with your members at 11:30am, just to make sure all of you are set and ready to go. You always want to aim to arrive 15 minutes early, it is the professional thing to do and will give you time to set up your supplies.

Next, every chapter will be sent all the cosmetic supplies they need for free upon request, including disposable applicators. A good way to organize the supplies, which is the way we do it at the GG HQ, is to have labeled bags with the names of all of the supplies. Try to keep track of your supplies and make sure to note when you’re running low on something.That way, you can contact GG when you are running low so we can send you more products.

With your team assembled, here’s some important information you need to remember. Your chapter must visit a senior home at least once a month - although you’re welcome to go more often that - to give senior citizens manicures and makeovers. You also need to hold meetings on a regular basis and register and track chapter activity on the official GlamourGals volunteer website, This site isn’t only for simplifying the method of tracking volunteer hours. It contains unique volunteering journals from actual GlamourGals. What makes this special is that GlamourGals National reads these journals and helps volunteers resolve problems, recognize successes, and come up with amazing events. Resources for giving makeovers, connecting with seniors, and applying for awards given to passionate volunteers such as the Glammy Scholarship Award and the Intergenerational Service Award are available on there too!

As you have probably already concluded, organizing your GlamourGals chapter is not as complicated as it sounds. When it comes down to it, all you need is motivation, inspiration, and compassion to begin making a change in your community one makeover at a time.

Jessica Wallin