Small Moments Make a Big Impact

This week’s blog comes from Marabelle from the East Meadow High School Chapter. She shares the how much of an impact even the smallest things can have on a seniors’ life.


Life is all about small, special moments and how they impact our lives indefinitely. It was one of the first meetings of the year, and I brought my friend so she could experience the beauty of GlamourGals. She was skeptical at first about her ability to interact with the seniors. To her surprise an hour of volunteering flew by. We made friends with the seniors and we put huge smiles on their faces.

However, the most memorable part was one woman who came as we were finishing up. She asked if we would still be able to paint her nails as she only just heard we were there. She rushed to us and of course both my friend and I had no problem. In fact, we were so happy as she was so excited to get her nails done. My friend did one hand and I did the other; the women commented that she felt like a queen. She was. After a discussion about her family, how she grew up, college (and boys), my friend and I were didn’t want to leave. That's when the woman invited us to see her room that was across from our boutique.

Life is all about small, special moments and how they impact our lives indefinitely.

After confirming it was alright to go, my friend and I entered a life we never could have imagined. We saw pictures of the woman's husband, parents, children, grandchildren, paintings, crocheted blankets she made, and stuffed animals she was gifted. It really was a “WOW” moment for me. Sometimes it is hard to feel like you can have an impact on a person when you only see and talk to them for a brief amount of time. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that even the smallest of actions go far. Sometimes it is even hard to imagine that a person has an entire life they live out of the little time frame you see them in. Being able to see her room, and pictures of her life, created a connection like no other. It wasn't until my friend and I had to leave that the woman said her goodbyes. She blessed us. She told us that we could not imagine the impact we had on her life. She said she would never forget us and how much she had smiled. It was such a beautiful moment and it really made me appreciate the time I spend with seniors. Just as I have impacted her life, she has impacted mine. Her name is Jane.

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