Small Gestures, Big Impacts

This was the last makeover for the school year, and with a melancholy heart, I started to greet one senior. She told me about her life and that she worked in Advocates for Children for 27 years. She began to tell me the importance of helping others.

For example, there was a blind woman in the senior home a few years ago. She would always ask for the time, but the other residents often acted coldly towards her. The woman I was speaking to told me that she always helped this woman out by telling her the time. This was a simple gesture, but it showed her kindness. She would also help other lonely residents by offering them cookies or doing crossword puzzles with them.

A few moments after we were talking about her favorite cookie at the senior home, an employee offered all of us a cookie. I tried her favorite chocolate chip cookie, and we swooned over how moist and buttery the cookie was.

After listening to more of her stories, it was time to leave. I gave her a handmade card, and she thanked me. I thanked her for the inspirational stories. It was a truly memorable makeover, and a makeover to remember for the whole summer.

-Yewon J., GG volunteer in Queens