Sherouk Youssef: A 2013 Glammy Scholarship Winner

Sherouk, who received the 2013 Daniel and Lucille Valerio Outstanding Volunteer Award, tells GG how volunteering has changed her and who her mentor is. Where is she now? Sherouk graduated from Wallington High School and is a freshman at Rutgers University in New Jersey, studying biology.

How it felt to win a GG scholarship: “It felt amazing,” Sherouk says. “I have actually never won any award. It was just like, ‘I accomplished something.’ It was something I really loved doing too. I didn’t really think I would win, but I did.”

GG helped her to open up: “I wasn’t really a talkative person, but then when I got involved in GG, it made me realize I should talk and make more friends, which I did,” says Sherouk. “It made me more confident and not afraid to talk to people and become friends with them.”

A GG Friendship: Sherouk credits her best friend from high school, and the previous president of the Wallington chapter, Katherine Zimny, as the one who encouraged her to get involved with GG. “She was awesome throughout high school,” Sherouk explains. “She’s my mentor. She made me love the whole idea of GlamourGals. We applied for the awards together. I’m glad she encouraged me, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have done any of this.”