Sara Pirzada, Long Island Lutheran

This summer, we are spotlighting this year's Glammy Scholarship Award finalists. Today, we hear from Sara, president of the Long Island Lutheran chapter, about overcoming obstacles and getting a chapter started.

GlamourGals is a glimmering treasure trove that possesses hope and opportunities galore. This organization has continuously highlighted the definition of giving back. In such a passionate way, the chapters encompassed in this organization assume and implement the values of femininity and empowerment. In my community, there is a lack in diversity with philanthropy, as volunteering in the local library is the only source of brownie points for a volunteer in my town. I made it my prerogative to change this diminishing standard, and made it a mission to diversify the playing field I call suburban Long Island with a little sprinkle of GlamourGals.

"If you want something done, you're going to have to do it yourself." GlamourGals, distinct from other various organizations, has proven to be the only esteemed organization that catches my eye to this day. The duties of being a chapter leader exudes a sense of independence that I have always craved ever since I was a little child who couldn't apply eyeliner without drooping it under my eyes as if I were walking and talking ad for Hot Topic. I must admit that it was rather strenuous trying to get the chapter up and running due to a myriad of obstacles that ushered my way. In my opinion, completing these initial tasks, like finding an advisor and a welcoming senior home, were my biggest achievements to date. All stresses aside, it has single handedly been my greatest joy giving my best friends the job of participating in this chapter beside me as we excitedly organized makeup and nail care tips and tricks together during countless meetings in preparation.

A wise person once told me, “If you’re going to live in this city, you might as well paint it in your own color”. GlamourGals is important to me and my community because it gives me, and a myriad of other volunteers, the chance to leave a mark. Whether that’s metaphorically “painting” a senior home in my own color or painting senior’s nails, preferably pink, it gives me a chance to leave my mark among women who’ve done the same a long time ago.