Sara from NY - What is GLTI?

Sara at GLTI in 2014!

Sara at GLTI in 2014!

Today's blog was written by GG intern (and alumna!) Sara Ullah. Sara wrote about  what she's learned after attending GLTI for the last three years!

Now that GlamourGals’ 14th Annual Leadership Training Institute is right around the corner, it's time to gear up for it! When we texted volunteers to sign up for this year’s event, a few asked,
“What is GLTI?”

As a GlamourGals intern and former volunteer and chapter leader in high school who had attended GLTI for 3 consecutive years, I’ll tell you all about it from personal experience. GLTI is a conference during which GlamourGals volunteers learn how to become better volunteers through a series of workshops, panel discussions, a kickoff speaker, and networking opportunities. What I loved the most about attending GLTI as a GG volunteer were the workshops and the guest speakers at the event.

During the workshops we did ice breakers so that GG volunteers could meet and interact with other GG volunteers in their group, so that they would feel more comfortable hanging out with them during the day. Through the ice breakers I made new friends, some of whom I still keep in touch with, and learned a lot about my group members while having fun at the same time. In addition to meeting new people, I learned new ideas to incorporate into my chapter such as putting up decorations for the holidays at the senior home or making holiday cards for the elderly.

I also learned how to react to certain problems that might arise in leading a GG chapter. Some of the problems I learned how to react to were what to do if a volunteer stops showing up or is being disrespectful, and what to do if a senior doesn’t want a manicure. After the workshops I listened to guest speakers who come from a whole range of different occupations. I remember when I attended my first GLTI one of the guest speakers was a journalist for a celebrity magazine and really inspired the volunteers. I, along with other volunteers, really enjoyed listening to her. She had such an outgoing and upbeat personality, inspiring us to never give up on our dreams and used her personal life as an example to never give up.

GLTI also gives advice about how to succeed in the workforce. I learned what to wear for a job interview, and that thank you letters are important to send after job interviews.

GLTI is my favorite Glamourgals event and you even get gift bags for attending. And who doesn’t love gift bags?

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