"GlamourGals... has opened the door to my future."

GlamourGals’ mission incorporates two things that I am very passionate about: art and community service. 

[As a GG volunteer], I met a wonderful woman named Dora who I’ve visited with many times. She described her life as a child growing up in Nazi Germany and the memories of her schoolbooks being burned. Every time I see her she has a book in her hand, and a new story to tell. Our conversations make me appreciate the freedoms I have grown up with and have given me a valuable perspective on my life and the world. It is also important for the seniors to know that they are valued and respected by the younger generations.

Another woman named Rose who doesn’t speak, lights up whenever we visit. The nurses tell us that our small gestures of helping her with her nails and hair always put her in a better mood. GlamourGals provides a wonderful platform to bridge the gap between generations and to inspire meaningful connections within our community.  

This year I came up with the idea of extending our services to the elementary and middle school children in our community to help spread the word about GlamourGals. We held an event at our high school where we provided manicures to the elementary and middle school students and invited their parents as well. We talked to the students and parents about our organization, expressed our enthusiasm, and shared our experiences. Over the course of the evening, we heard parents encouraging their children to join once they got to high school and the students readily agreeing.

Over the past four years, GlamourGals has served as a new canvas for me to sketch out and explore different career opportunities. I am always reminded of how my early introduction to art by my grandmother has impacted my life. And now, something as simple as a manicure -- adding a touch of art on a person’s hand -- and a few minutes to engage in conversation, can have such significance. This has led me to contemplate the field of art therapy. I would love to help others the way my grandmother helped me. GlamourGals represents everything that is important to me and I believe it has opened the door to my future.  

- Sami, a GG volunteer in New York &
Chapter President Glammy Scholarship Award finalist