Reflections From a MegaMakeover

On Friday, April 29, a group of students from a New York City school organized a MegaMakeover at a local senior home. This was the first GlamourGals makeover the volunteers had ever participated in.

Here are their reflections on their experience.

"I met a woman who was actually blind but appreciated the makeover so much! She discussed her family and her job as a nurse. She truly felt beautiful after I did her nails and makeup, and I felt so happy that I could brighten her day."

"I really enjoyed relating to this one lady who played the sport when she was younger that I play too. She was so grateful to me and it was very rewarding to see how appreciative she was. The experience taught me that even the littlest acts can be so greatly appreciated."

"Today I spoke to a woman named Carol who was very shy at first, but when I was done with her makeup, she seemed so excited and couldn’t stop smiling. It really made me happy to see that something I did made such a difference in her mood! It was overall a really great experience, and I hope I can do it again!"

"I spoke to a woman who told me about the different jobs she had. She told me about how she worked a lot with adults with Down Syndrome, and when I told her that I was a part of the activity in my school called Best Buddies that did things for people with Down Syndrome, the smile on her face was so big."

"I spoke to a woman who taught me valuable life lessons. She was quiet at first, however once we began talking I got to learn all about her life. I feel so grateful that I got to have the experience of being a GlamourGal."

"Today I had a thoughtful conversation with a lady who is in physical therapy for her broken leg. Despite having a broken leg, she still spoke with a big smile on her face about various water related activities, such as tubing and jet skiing. It made me happy that she enjoyed having her makeup done by all of us."   

You can find more photos of the day here.