Reflecting on my GG Experiences - Tasmia


Today's blog was written by GG volunteer Tasmia, who grew more brave and confident through her volunteer work with GlamourGals.

My name is Tasmia, and within my chapter, I am the Public Relations Officer. I have volunteered with GlamourGals for about two years and now three because of the new school year. I started when I was a sophomore and had absolutely no idea what it meant to be in a leadership position.

I was shy and not the most outgoing person but I still went ahead and nominated myself for the public relations officer position. I got chosen and all of a sudden, I felt oblivious to how I could possibly use my platform for a purpose. Fortunately, after I attended the first training session in Manhattan, I learned more about what I could do. I was confident and hopeful that I wouldn't let anyone down.

Being able to grow as a person is one of the three traits that I feel is important to have if you want to be successful in life. The other two is to be confident and concise and to be kind and nice. All of those qualities have shaped me into the woman I am now, who's about to enter college in a few months, and it's all because of taking a leadership position. It also makes me an inspiring GG volunteer because I can show to all my younger peers at my school that coming out of your comfort zone can be beneficial for the long run in the future.

I knew I had a creative mind and learned how to incorporate that aspect to what I had to do in my leadership position and as a GG volunteer. As I grew up, the shyness that bore within me began to fade more and more, then was replaced by this new found confidence. I learned how to have an open conversation without being awkward and being kind to people by visiting the nursing home and talking to the elderly about whatever interests them. It has been a great experience and growth for me that I would always remember.

One of my favorite GG experience was when my chapter had to create a fundraiser for extra supplies, so we came up with doing manicures for $1 a hand ( I think), and it was very successful. Everyone had a station for their lunch periods and we learned how to prep for when we actually went to nursing homes. Overall, my experience with GlamourGals is something that I will never forget.

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