Rabia in Queens, New York

Today was an extremely fun makeover. We walked into the room we usually give manicures and like usual, the room was full of seniors exercising while waiting for us. We came and a sweet lady of the name Sylvia came up to me. I immediately noticed one thing about her, she was wearing a necklace, a super sparkly necklace with an “S” pendent. It seemed as though she dressed down to make her necklace more visible.

During the makeover, once I realized she was comfortable with me, I asked her if her name started with the letter “S” and that was the first time in [the] past year, since I had first seen her, she had told me her name. “Sylvia," that’s her name. Along with her name, she told me another thing. It was her birthday on Sunday and she had two parties! After she finished telling me about her celebrations, she said one thing that I didn’t expect someone of her age to say, “Birthdays are good; they are a sign that we’ve survived another year."

After I painted Sylvia’s nails, I met someone new. His name is William. He recently moved to Atria, specifically six months ago. I had a wonderful time talking to him. One of the topics of our discussion was his only daughter, Lauren. When he was talking about her, his face started getting red and small tears were forming in his eyes as he said, “I’m so proud of her." This moment really hit me because one day I want my parents to be so proud of me that they are full with tears of joy. My parents always say the best moment of any parent’s life is when they can say, “my child makes me so proud."

atria 1.jpg

He also introduced me to Marilyn. William and Marilyn are actually in love with each other, even though they have known each other for only six months. William’s wife passed away many years ago and he has been by himself all this time, until he met Marilyn. Lauren, William’s daughter says no one can fall in love with someone in six months. But William says that time doesn’t affect love. Love is just love. It could happen with anyone at anytime. When he said this today, my heart literally melted.

One of the final things he asked me before I left was if I had a boyfriend and when I told him that I didn’t, his reply was “don’t worry, there are so many people in the world that I know there is someone made for everyone." William and I talked to each other until the makeover was over. And I hope I see him again, along with Marilyn and Sylvia in two weeks.

-Rabia, GG volunteer in Queens, New York